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Whatever your business demands, Virtalent can create a customised Business Admin solution made up of experienced professionals

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Clear thinking makes a bright future.

Our audits can help. We’ll analyze your Google Business profile, social media, and website to provide recommendations for boosting traffic and conversions. Contact us to learn more.
Payroll Processing

Outsourcing your Payroll functions allows you to take full advantage of the process.

Labour Outsourcing

Let us know what your labour needs are and we will provide you with a solution that’s tailored to your specific requirements.

Designated office space and meeting rooms

Having all of your business administration tasks handled professionally

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What we offer

Developing solutions for the future.

While we take care of your business administration, you can focus on selling your products and services, ensuring that your daily operations run smoothly, and attending to other core aspects of your organization.

Accounting Services

If you don’t have experience in accounting, it’s something that is best left to the professionals.

Financial Planning

Many businesses, large and small, are opting to outsource their business administration today.

Association Management

With an emphasis on professional communication and more than twenty years of experience, association management services provided.

Corporate governance

We are fully flexible and always willing to work with you in the most productive way possible.

Audit & Evaluation

You won’t have to waste time finding and training staff or dealing with other staffing issues along the way.

Quality Resourcing

Human resources, including WCA submissions, IOD administration, contracts of employment, disciplinary processes, and CCMA claims.

Connecting businesses, ideas, and people for greater impact

Perhaps you’re in a transition period, need admin support, but don’t yet want to employ anyone on a full-time basis? Maybe you need a suite of HR, marketing and admin support specialists, but don’t have the office space for a bigger team? Or perhaps you need to bring in a temporary team to take on a time-intensive short-term project?

We are ready to serve you differently.

We discuss matters internally as a team, send any questions to you and arrange follow up calls as needed.

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Our value

Conceptualize, design, and deliver exceptional execution.

To ensure that all of our clients are dealt with fairly and that all businesses can benefit from our service offering, we offer pricing models that are not only competitive, but also completely transparent. Our clients are only charged in relation to the level of service that we provide.


One AU Venture is a business administration services company assisting Austrailan businesses with all their labour-related processes.


By outsourcing your HR, admin, and labour-related functions to us, you can cut back on salary costs and ensure that your business is always compliant and in-line with latest legislation, laws, regulations, and industry/company values.


We help you to solve your problems.

Business Administration enables Smithsonian Facilities to focus on their core mission while bringing innovation to administrative and technical functions. 

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Our professional labour and HR experts have over 20 years of experience in helping Australian businesses administer and manage the very heart of their enterprises – which just happens to be their people.

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One AU Venture

Our scope of services includes Payroll Processing, Labour Outsourcing, Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Business Administration, CCMA Resolutions, and Contracts & Agreements.

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